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March 8, 2011
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...Now is time to start the match; the gong sounds, the first round begins.

Matt raises his guard, he begin traveling around the ring while taking in the view of the opponent, thinking about how to attack him. Jenny instead presents a very rough style, almost devoid of any specific technique. Contrary to Matt she doesn't raise her gloves but keeps them pointed, however, her movements resemble those of a gorilla, the mouthguard is always between her lips, but soon after she put it  and begins to say, "Hey pussy, you think that you can do it or should I give you 1 or 2 rounds ?! Eheheh ..."
The boy doesn't respond to provocation from the opponent and continues to scrutinize her , try to understand what is her weak point, even if he has just one in mind. Jenny comes close to him and begins to punches her face, just to let Matt hit her : "Come on you can do it! Hit me here, can you do it?! Ahahahaha pussy." Matt can't resist the attack and unleashes a hook to Jenny's face. She cashes the punch with all its strength, she spits a bit of saliva, but she doesn't do nothing, after some time she returns to show her usual expression of mockery, it seems that the fist has not even scratched her.
Matt begins to get nervous, settles another hook, this time with the other arm,the right one, to the girl's face who once again suffered a strong impact but does not seem to feel bad.
After that, more and more angry, the boy decides to throw an uppercut to Jenny's balls (clearly visible because she shows them like an invitation ). Matt feels her balls squeezing, her cock collapsing , Jenny takes the punch raising her guard  while saliva fills her mouth. Shortly after the girl spits, grabs her balls and exclaims: "Hey baby, IYou've done nothing, you have to do better if you want to win! Then try again, let me feel your best punch!"
Jenny smiles, her expression makes Matt nervous, now quite troubled by the fact that the girl is stronger than he expected, his punches don'tt seem to even scratch her.
However, the boy raises his guard and throw strong hook to Jenny's hip. She doesn't do nothing to prevent this, indeed, seems to desire. How strong was Matt's punch is clear, the shot comes to her  slim body that,  in spite of the appearance,shows a totally anomalous resistance, the fist make her hip bend a little but, shortly after, she returns back to the posture of the first, grinning at her opponent.
Determinated to win, this time Matt decides to attack her stomach with an uppercut placed just below the breast . Jenny takes a pose of defiance, she's preparing to receive the punch, leaving the body on display, the left glove grabs her balls while she holds the mouthguard in the mouth, not on the teeth. The fist arrives, Jenny's body leans forward, her mouth begins to fill with saliva, the left glove is now literally squeezing her balls, almost as if to convey the stomach pain in the balls. The girl's face is very exposed, is bent forward. Matt takes advantage of 'opportunity and delivers an uppercut right to the chin of the girl. Moments after his glove reaches the sweet face of Jenny, her chin folds together with mouth, nose, cheeks, eyes and forehead, the girl spits all the saliva in her mouth up, while Matt concludes the coup bringing the glove up more and more, only to withdraw it.
Jenny now has her head tilted upward, the glove is still literally crushing her balls, and it appears that gains in strength, but she doesn't make a move. Moments later, however, she suddenly lowers her head, lifts the left glove, while the balls recover form after the squeeze. Matt looks at her, silent, it seems that those punches don't have even the slightest upset. In fact, Jenny, although she had suffered a major pillar, shows again a big smile, with the mouthguard, as white as her teeth. She shakes her head and exclaimed: "Is that all you can do?! You know, I felt more hurt in squeezing my balls rather than with your fists, and I assure you that I didn't squeeze my balls with great force! Hahaaha". While Jenny is laughing, Matt delivers a right hook to her face, though puzzled, she suffers the fist in full force, spitting a few drops of saliva and blood, but soon she return with her smile. Then he unleash another hook, but she appears unfazed, she collects it with a smile. Then he throws one, then another, but gets nothing, it seems a waste of time, the girl has not changed her expression, just a little spit of saliva and blood, but she's the same of before.
Now Matt takes breath, while Jenny looks at him defiantly, she doesnt want to hit him, she wants to make him tired, seems to knows how to have victory in hand, waiting for the right moment to finish him.
Just a few seconds after the gong sounds and the two boxers go to their corners, Jenny took the opportunity to say, "Hey asshole you hear, you had fun enough, now it's my turn, be prepared!", After she grabs her balls and begin to lap them for many seconds.
Jenny sits at the right angle on the stool, her legs spread apart, spreading her arms and carries her gloves on the second chord, then she lets her body sag, almost like a slacker. Her master, Kate, removes her mouthpiece, makes her drink some water and puts the mouthpiece, then stands in front of Jenny and exclaims: "Good boy, you're the man in the ring, let him see who has balls! " Jenny, with the mouthpiece between her lips, nods with great manhood. Suddenly Kate starts to grab Jenny's balls and shakes his cock, almost like a massage. Jenny really likes it, on her face appears an expression of enjoyment, Kate puts her hands in her boxers, grabs her dick and starts to hand up and down, while the other hand massage her big balls. Fastly Jenny's cock gets hard as a rock, does not fit in the pants, she can see the glans. Jenny begins to pant, holds out her arms and shakes the ropes with her gloves, while Kate is still lapping up and down her cock, faster and stimulate her balls.
Matt, in  the other corner, at the same time, removes his mouthpiece, his teacher Frank makes him drink and puts the mouthpiece. Then he relates some instructions, puzzled, "Hey listen I do not know what's wrong, but certainly dont think to fight against a girl, she's a man, but do not be fooled of her appearence! Now beware, you don't know how she can hurt you, stay alert, do not get caught by surprise, and send her KO! " Matt, although very uncertain, nods, but while he is resting he sees Jenny being excited, and there lacks little that excites him.
While Kate is literally masturbating her boxer, the break ends and Jenny puts her giant cock inside the pants, still with an expression of great pleasure. Kate observes the girl's short, her cock is hard, and it is so long and thick, that Jenny needs to adjust it into the trunks as best as she can. While Jenny is going to the center of the ring Kate grabs her cock while lapping and exclaims, "Hey big man, if you knock out him quicly, we will have more time to have fun ... heheh" The boxer, now loaded with hormones, says, "... sure Aaaaahhh beauty,'ll beat him down in few seconds."

The two boxers finally back to the center of the ring, Jenny says to Matt: "Hahaha now you're in troubles! When I'm horny, as now, I become a beast, be careful!"
He isnt intimidated, he raises his guard, he is ready to begin the second round.
Well, maybe the traduction sucks, but at least i like it so much, i will post more more more and more if you like it too xD
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Wheres the third part?
Oh, forgot to write it, or at least I was about to do it, but I wasn't so sure about the story so I decided to stop :S Maybe i could end a bit of things...
It's really rare to see a girl liking foxy boxing.
Oh well I LOVE boxing ;) Maybe because I'm a boxer?!
Really? You are a girl and a boxer? Proffesional or amateur?
Most boxers dont like this "activity" and most girls dont like it, it feels that's cheapening it.
What's so incredible about being a girl and a boxer? I've ranked from amateur to professional few months ago, now that's hard!

Sorry, maybe it's because I'm Italian, but I didn't get your last sentence .
Well, nothing, I just never met one, good luck to you.
Do you have videos of your fights?

Also, like I said, girls and pros tend to not like foxy boxing. Girls because it makes them look cheap, pros, because it makes boxing looking cheap.

They allready have the illegal gambling to do that for them. :P
Oh well honestly I do think that foxy boxing makes female boxing look cheap cause often fists are fake and action is very dumb! Infact I'm for the REAL boxing, with REAL punches and action!

Foxy boxing is for pussies who don't want to get a black eye, and real boxing is for real women eheh ;)
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SluggerX Jan 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
mhm... Okay. Definity interesting. It could use a little grammatical polish, but it is something unique.
At the beginnin I was thinking it was quiet funny, but now I'm not of the same idea .
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